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How to Drive Results: Optimism and Positivity

When your leadership team demonstrates optimism and positivity on a regular basis it lays the foundation for and reinforces a culture that breeds results. Optimism and positivity are the underlying goals of many corporate cultures.

In a recent interview with Printing Impressions and as the thINK Ahead 2020 conference keynote, Francis McMahon, executive VP, Production Print Solutions, at Canon Solutions America, shared his perspective on Canon's response to the pandemic and provided an update on sales results year-to-date. 

Since March of 2020 there has been an endless supply of bad news impacting many people and businesses across the country and the globe. It’s refreshing and inspiring to hear good news.

And good news is not just that hardware sales are up for Canon Solutions America. McMahon shared that print volumes collectively, across all Canon production customers increased in June and July. And production print volumes are trending back to pre-pandemic levels. This is good news for the entire print industry.

Canon Solutions America took the approach to put customers first. In March and April, the service, sales, and the executive teams reached out to customers to find out what customers needed to keep their business going. Canon received several requests that resulted in a flexible approach and new methods for service and supplies. This included providing PPE safety gear for all service technicians and flexibility in scheduling and delivering parts and supplies.

Canon Solutions America, like most of the large OEMs, experienced departmental re-organizations, reductions in staff, and staff furloughs in response to the pandemic. Yet, the message from Canon leaders to both customers and employees is how can we help? And what do you need?

McMahon shared Canon Solutions America's current strategies which can be modeled as best practices for many companies and print service providers.

  • Focus on customers first

  • Commit to ongoing communications to customers and employees

  • Focus on a positive approach — what can be done now

  • Adapt services to customers’ business needs

  • Invest in programs that impact customers — in Canon’s case this meant a virtual thINK Ahead 2020 conference


Canon Solutions America has more hardware orders for installations for the balance of 2020 than they have had in any previous year. Yes, any previous year. During the height of the pandemic, Canon Solutions America installed more hardware in the first half of 2020 than 2019. Canon Solutions America's orders for the new iX printer have exceeded inventory for 2020 and they are taking orders for first quarter 2021 installations.

McMahon shared his belief that the upside of the pandemic may be our collective point of reflection and appreciation for all that we have. His optimism comes from his belief that we can drive change for the better across the industry and in our own companies. 

Print is essential. Print and direct mail play a vital role in our economy. There are many positive results we can point to in 2020.

  • Companies are managing more efficiently.

  • Companies have adopted more flexible work from home policies.

  • Companies have implemented thoughtful approaches to health and safety.

  • Companies are offering new services to meet customers’ requirements.

  • Companies are offering vital support to their local communities.

Optimism and positivity drive results. 2020 is not over.

What is your approach to drive results?

This article was originally published by Printing Impressions.

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